Sound.position not resetting

Just to start off, this isn’t exactly an inquiry to a problem. It is moreso of a posting of a bug (or assumed bug) in the Flash player and how to get around it. Though if anyone else has a better method then please do share.

Ok, well I very rarely ever work with the Sound() object in Flash, and I found myself working with it today. I was having a problem and I could not pinpoint it for the life of me… my code appeared correct in every aspect.

After tracing many sections of my code to find out where it was going wrong I realized… that for some reason when you use Sound.stop(), the Sound.position doesn’t get reset… it instead just increments from where it left off.

This is quite annoying. And being that Sound.position is a read only property you can’t reset it yourself.

The only solution I have found for this is to delete or overwrite your Sound() object with a new Sound() object.

Anyone know if this is indeed a bug, or if there was some reason Macromedia did it like this?