Sound problem

Hi all
I have been working with the sound of my game.

I currently have 3 sound clips, all exported. I put the following codes to the player’s tank.

onClipEvent (load) {
  var tankDie = new Sound()
  var tankMiss = new Sound()
  var tankGatt = new Sound()

Then I play the sounds at various points

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
  //when health is less than or equals 0, play tankDie (tankDie.start())
  //when the tank fires missiles, play tankMiss (tankMiss.start())
  //when the tank fires gattling cannon, play tankGatt (tankGatt.start())

I got only 2 of them working. tankDie.start() and tankGatt.start() worked. But tankMiss.start() did not play the sound. I have checked the linkage and I cannon find any problems. I also tried some other sound clips but I still could not solve the problem.

The most ridiculous thing is that for firing missiles and gattling cannons, the codes are nearly the same. However, only the gattling cannon sound clip worked but not the missile sound clip…

Can anyone help?