Sound problem

Hi! All,\r\rI’m just the beginner of sound. I now have two musics, musicA and musicB. When the flash begins to play the musicA is playing. The musicB is in another level (level 10). There are two buttons, button1 and button 2, in level 10. When I press the button1 the musicA stop and musicB start to play. When I press button2 musicA play again (to simplify it to start anywhere of the musicA is okay).\r\rMuch appreciate if anyone can help me.\r\rJames\r

button one:\ron(release){\r_root.attachSound(“musicA”);\r_root.musicA.start(0,150);\r_root.musicB.stop();\r}\rbutton two:\ron(release){\r_root.attachSound(“musicB”);\r_root.musicB.start(0,150);\r_root.musicA.stop();\r}\r\ri haven’t tested that, but it should work.\r:) \rjeremy

H1! jeremy,\r\rThanks for your reply. I know you good at scripting and see your several wonderful scripts in this forum.\r\rYour reply give me some guide. I make some revision and it is working:\r\rThe musicA is in level0 so I’ve the script as follows:\r\rsnd=new Sound();\rsnd.attachSound(“musicA”);\rsnd.start(0,150);\r\rAnd on level 10 I’ve musicB (actually video or something like that) and button1. The button1 is with script as follows;\r\r_level0.snd.stop(); // musicA stop\rloadMovie(“the video”);\r\rAnd the button2 (it is a Back button) is with script:\r\r_level0.snd.start(0,150); // musicA replay\rloadMovie(“other movie”);\r\rActually, there are ohter 16 buttons and each of which I’ve to put the script:\r\r_level0.snd.stop();\r_level0.snd.start(0,150);\r\rbecause not all the people FIRST press the button2 (or Back button). If they press the other buttons the musicA will not replay if without the above script. \r\rOriginally, I just want to play the backgroound music (musicA) and when onther voices (another music or video, etc.) play the muscA will stop. And the musicA will replay when the other voices gone. Any good idea to achieve it…\r\rJames\r\r\r\r\r

sounds like you want to put those sounds in movie clips instead of using attachSound. that way you can put the miscellaneous sounds in their own clips and make them as long as they need to be and at the end of each clip just put the ‘sound.start();’ for whatever music was playing.\ryou could even put all the sounds in one clip and use labels for each sound in the clip.\r:) \rjeremy

I think it must be a smart idea. But sorry I can’t fully catch what you’ve described. Can you describe a little more detail and have an example if possible. Thanks in advance.\r\rJames\r