Sound Problems!Please Help

I have a problem with [COLOR=Red]sounds[/COLOR] in this movie. I have a [COLOR=Red]sounds[/COLOR] file that I would like to play as soon as the movie is loaded, but I dont want it to stream because I want to loop it and I want it to be done with AS. I saw a Tutorial where the [COLOR=Red]sound[/COLOR] would load as soon as the movie started but it wouldn’t play until the play button was pressed. I want the song to play as soon as the [COLOR=Red]sound[/COLOR] is loaded. The Tutorial is [COLOR=Blue]Creating a Volume Control Silder[/COLOR].

Thanks for the help.

First, Thank you so much for all the help on the [COLOR=Red]volume control slider[/COLOR] but I couldn’t see the code on the page that you gave me for the [COLOR=Red]initial volume setting[/COLOR]. If you could just copy and paste them on the thread it would be great!. Also, when I the movie plays the sound begins and the immediately mutes until you click on the slider. I don’t know why.Thanks again for all the help! :smiley:

This is the code:

onClipEvent (load) {
	mySound = new Sound();
	mySound.loadSound("sound2.mp3", false);
	//set the initial volume
	_root.volume = 70;
	//put the "dragger" movie clip in right position according to the volume
	dragger._x = line._width*_root.volume/100;

Thank you so much!!! You have no Idea how much that helped! I’ll stay in touch!!

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Anytime, ryu. :wink: