Sound problems

Hey hey,
I’ve been working on a movie that randomly loads mp3’s from a different source folder during play. This is no problem. However, I’d like to have it so that when a song finishes, another song randomly loads and begins playing. The way it’s set up now, a song loads dynamically from my ‘music’ folder when the presentation starts. During movie play, the user has the option of stopping the track, or skipping to another random track. I’d like to figure out the actionscript so that when the first track finishes, the movie automatically loads another song in it’s place. This action should also be applicable to any random song chosen when the user presses the ‘skip’ button. I’ve tried using the ‘onSoundComplete’ method, but this only appears to work when you attach a new sound to the library, and i don’t want to do this. I’ve also tried setting up a loop like this:

var i = 1;
var time = s.duration;
for (i=1; i<=time; i++) {
if (i=time) {
s = new Sound();
s.loadSound(“music/3.mp3”, true);

my idea is that the loop runs until the placeholder varaible ‘i’ is equivalent to the length of the mp3 (in this case, the ‘s’ object), a new sound is created and another song begins in it’s place.
Is it possible to do this using any of these methods, or any others?
All help appreciated,