Sound start problem

Hey gang,
Quick question thats been driving me insane. I am trying to start a sound (intro.mp3) at a certain frame in an MC. The sound has been loaded from an external mp3 in a class already. All my other sounds work, but they are all triggered by events. Do i need to sync it to an event? Can i just use intro.start() on a specific frame in my mc? This is driving me crazy and is the LAST step for a poject for class ive been working on forever. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
PS… Here’s the important code snippets.

//Loading the sound
intro= newSound();
intro.loadSound("intro.mp3", true);
//initializing the sounds
ui=new interfaceClass();
//AS on frame 115 of MC TitleAnim to start sound on sync with animation

What am I doing wrong? The sound never starts where it should, and Im tearing my hair out. Help!