Sound.start() problems

hi all, I am having major troubles, i’ve never worked directly with sound in flash b4, and i can’t work out how too make this code work:

function SAP() {
gotoAndPlay(“9”, “1”);

mysound = new Sound();
mysound.onSoundComplete = SAP;

I just want to synchronize a sound, “forgottenme”, using onSoundComplete to go to scene 9, 1st frame. Can someone please tell me why this isn’t working… maybe it’s not “forgottenme”, thats the name i assigned it in the library, am i meant to put another name there?

And PLEASE DO NOT tell me it is in help, I have looked, and I cannot understand it… can someone please tell me why this is not working?!

Thanx all… :ear: listnin 4 a reply

actually, it is in the help section :slight_smile:

btw use AS tags please!

mysound = new Sound();
mysound.onSoundComplete = function () {
gotoAndPlay("9", "1");

AS tags? im just a n00b… i’ll do it from now on… but thanx anywayz, it helped a lot.

vB tags … ‘[‘as’]‘my code’[’/as’]’

without the single quotes

err… sorry, i stand corrected, that code didnt help, i just tried it, and it STILL doesn’t work, it just goes straight to scene 9 frame 1… why is this doing this to me!!!
[ripping hair out]