Sound Stopping... Please Help!

Hey, i’m working on a movie and in the website and in the website i have a button called menu… and the movie is set to stop… then it continues when the button is pressed (it has a tween which bring in the menu)…

but since i have the movie set to stop… the sound stops also and won’t start again until the button is pressed…

how can i make the sound play non stop… i want it to play weather they hit the button or not… just 1 continuouse stream…

well the only way a sound can stop early with AS is using the stopAllSounds(), so it isn’t the stop() action.

Are you using loadMovie? I knew someone that had the same problem with the sound, but it went off everytime you clicked a link on the navigation and it loaded a movie.

This person was making a jukebox type thing though, so I told her to load that in with loadMovie as well, I don’t know if it worked or not, but it was the only suggestion I could give :-\

Its not a whole site its only the layout so its not load movie since its just 1 movie…

here is a link to it (plz keep the nasty comments to urself…lol… i’m a major noob)

How did you add your sound? Drag it onto a frame, or through AS?

Well, I will post this just in case it is the first. If you drug it into a frame, select the frame your sound is on. Open the properties panel (CTRL+F3). And then in the properties window there will be a drop down box for “Sync”, this is on Event by default, this might be your problem.

Try putting it to “Start” or “Stream”… does this help?

PS: No nasty comments here, but I do recommend a sound off button, it is a highly pressed button on Flash sites.

it is on stream… but still stops… and yes i dragged it in…,

Did you try putting it on “Start”

yeah it works not… just put it on start…lol…thx

No problem :slight_smile: