Sound won't play?

I am redoing quite a few buttons into mc’s to be able to get rid of the cursor changing into a handcursor. The buttons all have a sound on them onRollover. When I put the script on the mc’s instead, the sound doesn’t play.
Here 's the code on the mc (on a separate layer)that holds all the buttons:
[AS]this.createEmptyMovieClip(“butempty”, 1);
myButmusic = new Sound(“butempty”);[/AS]
and the code on the button/mc:
[AS]onClipEvent (load) {
on (rollOver) {
setProperty(this, _alpha, 0);
on (rollOut) {
setProperty(this, _alpha, 100);
I have changed the code to refer to “myButmusic” to abslolute (_root.themenu.myButmusic.etc) I have tried the above code, I have tried parent, but nothing changes. the usehandcursor thing and the set Property work without problems.
What am I doing wrong?:trout: