Sound -

Does anyone know to create the sound feature just like this site - you have an option of 2 different songs that you can play in there entirety and they sound as clear as playing them on a stereo system. As soon as the preloader is complete and it takes you to the homepage the first song automatically starts to play - you can stop it and play the other etc. How is this done

… I would put the sound inside of an invisible movie clip, then have it so that when you click on the button it telltargets that movie clip to gotoAndPlay Frame 2, where within the music starts playing.

1/make two clips with just the sound in them (or more), export each to get the swfs (say “sound1.swf” and “sound2.swf”)
2/build a controler clip. in this clip, have an empty clip called s’thing like “container”. on 1st frame of this, put a loadMovie for sound1.swf to have it start automatically
3/on button in controler clip (containing the “container” clip),
put action on release, loadMovie “sound2.swf” into the _root.controler.container clip (or change the path to suit your naming…). this method will only allow you to load sound2, if you’d like to switch between the two sounds, use a variable.
means, on release of button, check if var=1, if yes load sound2.swf AND set var=0, else if var=0, load sound2.swf AND set var=1, acts like on off/on switch between the two sounds.
the controler clip can also contain different sound control features like volume and pan, check out…ncher.html
(it’s in French, sorry…)
and the sound controler on , i can give you the fla if you want…
4/sound quality depends
a)on the sound you import into flash, always go for best quality as flash will compress it!
b)in library, rightclick/properties the sounds to adjust individual compression settings…experiment, find the most suitable compromise between size=download time and quality…