I’m trying out a method where I’m triggering sounds to play at positions according to other sounds.

An example:
1. I load the same sound into to sound objects (A & B).
2. I start sound A.
3. After a while I start sound B at sound A’s current position.

They should play in exact sync.

There’s a delay of about 185 ms.

I tested this by measuring the difference in position of the two sounds, first directly after initiating sound B and then again after a few frames. The first time it said “0”, but the second time it said “185…”, thus indicating that the two sounds had jumped out of sync.

If I start to play two sounds with offset at the same time they will be in sync, but apparently not when starting one later then the other.

Any comments on this? Is the delay consistent?

I realised why I found this so strange, cause I tried the same in AS2.0 and there the delay is only + - 1 ms!?
Wasn’t AS3 supposed to be MORE stable?? :hang: