soundObject: Setting Volume

I have three frames in my main timeline. The first contains the preloader, the second is the entrance animation and the third is a menu loop. In the second frame (entrance animation), I’ve place this script on the main timeline in an “actions” layer:

backgroundAudio = new Sound();
backgroundAudio.start(0, 99999);

In the third frame of the main timeline (menu loop), I have controls for the audio (ie. stop, play, volume, etc…) On the volume down button I have this script:

on (release) {
if (audioVolume<5) {
audioVolume = 1;
} else {

The problem is, the first time I hit either the volume up or down buttons, it acts as though the initial volume is 0. In other words, the value I set for “audioVolume” (70), in the second frame, loses it properties when a button is pressed. It does start playing at 70 though if untouched, and after a button is pressed and it resets to 0, then all buttons function properly, but the first press destroys everything. How do I combat this?

Thanks for your time and help.