Sounds - Help Needed!


This is my URL:[url=“”]

I have a problem here which is controlling sounds:

As you can see, I am loading the sound that loops frames in the swf file embedded in the index.htm file. As with other buttons on the menu, I am planning to include a button which opens up a drag window [Just like others, which is a swf file called by the loadMovieNum on the button click event] which has a MP3 Player. When I am playing the MP3 Player, the sound that plays in the background keeps running. My questions are:

  1. How do I control[stop] the sound that is included in the frames in the swf file {main.swf} while playing music from my mp3 player SWF File {music.swf}.

  2. I have a mute button on my main.swf file but it is of no use as the sound volume will be set to 0 when I click on it and hence can’t play any music from the mp3 player.

  3. I want the background music [in frames of my main.swf file] to start again when I unload the music.swf file by clicking the close button.

Please help me as I am unable to control sounds. I have visited the Kenney Bellew tutorial … but i still can’t figure out how it is to be done.

Hoping to see a solution.