SoundWriter audio generation library

Hi, you may or may not find this useful.

SoundWriter is an Actionscript 3 library that allows you to create Sound objects from your own audio data. That is, you write into an audio buffer (ByteArray) with whatever audio data you want, process it through SoundWriter, and get a Sound object out of it. This is something which isn’t provided by Flash 9 directly, but is achievable with a little trickery.

How this library may be of use to you:[LIST]
[]Synthesising your own sound effects ahead of time
]Creating audio from supplied data
[]Loading WAV files from binary resources (not possible if you don’t have Flash CS3)
]Creating music from other sound files not supported by Flash – e.g., a MOD file renderer allowing your game to incorporate music into your game without upping the file size with a 5MB MP3[/LIST]