Spacing Tool in 3DSmax

Hi All,

This is my first post, so hello to all out there, hopefully someone may have an answer to my query regarding the spacing tool in 3dsmax?

I was just trying to arrange some dominos along a path (simple enough) and on the internet a good suggestion was to use to spacing tool, however when i made my domino and made my path/spline for the copies to follow, the spacing tool for some reason flipped the domino 90 degrees and placed it horizontally so it was basically following the path but lying face down and sideways. if i do not click the follow option in the context menu of the spacing tool then it aligns it along the path correctly as i want but obviously doesn’t rotate it to follow the path. Is there something i’ve forgotten to do, i tried rotating the objects pivot also with no luck. why is the option for follow path changing the axis of my object to be face down as it follows the path?

I also have a few issues with bevel profile having a mind of its own, but i’ll allow that for now as at least i can rotate and scale from within the modifier.

Anyhelp would be grateful!!! thanks in advance.