Spam Smily!

Hey I made spam smily, can you pleaseeee add it to the smily list Kirupa? Then it’ll be easy to put in when people spam! :beam:

And one other request, any chance of changing the little thread icons? Because they are not up to much :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

The ones you can choose when you make a new thread. Like the speech bubble of this one!

  • Soul :s:

I think he means that they’re not very creative…

Yeah, I know they’ve always been there. I just don’t like the actual pictures.

  • Soul :s:

isnt spam flatter and more wide :q:
that looks like dog food :!:

high fives soul

That is spam. growls fiercly

Grrr :angry:

  • Soul :s:

well, talking about spam… soul, are you done with your program yet?

sould i dont know if you noticed but unless i use the quick reply that lightning bolt is on every single one of my posts. if its not there, what do i do? it has to stay!

I’m not saying get rid of them, just make some nicer ones :stuck_out_tongue:

And Lava, not yet, still working on it.

  • Soul :s:

that spam looks good, but does look like dog food a little bit…maybe try a can of spam:

soul the lightning needs to stay though…

Stop bullying my spam! :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

i like the spam! i like the spam! im just saying it would be more recognizable as spam if it were a can than out of the can

You’ll make the spam suicidal!

Its all depressed now :frowning: Just because he’s different you all hate him :frowning:

  • Soul :s:


i love the spam, i love it with all of my meaning!

Nope nope! Its too late now! He knows how you all feel.

Look… you made him cry :(…

He’s gonna kill himself, look how depressed he is!! You guys are low, real low. Spam has feelings too :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

hahah! thats really funny, the spam is crying a puddle around him…itself.


Oh now you just go and question his gender!!! Look what you did now!!!..

Oh my god! He’s going to jump and it will be all your fault!

shouts Don’t do it spammy!

  • Soul :s: