Spank the monky

hey i was wondering if n e one knows how to do this?

what do you mean by do this?

do you mean play the game or know how to program it?


I doubt it’s too difficult. Even with my limited knowledge of AS and flash I could almost write it. Just use the tutorial on kirupa’s site to make it so the hand has the same x,y coordinates as mouse when clicked.

Then use (i believe it was either lost’s or ilyas’s) tutorial on velocity and use the velocity of the hand when over the monkey and display it.

Someone else could probably give a much, MUCH better explination (especially if mine is wrong), but well, this is the first time i’ve ever helped anybody on this site so there.

Wohoo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I spanked the monkey at 422 mph =)

Ya the ideas used arent that complicated. One of the code monkies here can work it out. I remember palying htis a year ago.

Elisoe, that was almost good. Now, try to beat my record :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out this score…

My Favorite Game

how do yhou play?

drag the hand really fast toward the monkey!

l9l i ment the pankacke one

wha? Couldn’t even get 400! :!:

arrow keys and spacebar…stack three of a color for points

omg, that monkey thing is strangely addicting. really hard to get a good score with a laptop though :confused:

Level 5, score 5620 for the pancake thing, but I’m crap at games

Heh, found a bug in the monkey game. If you right click at the far end (or near the end) at the right side, right click so the flash menu comes up, then move the mousearrow behind the monkey and just right click/left click behind the monkey.

heh nice eh!

my best is 914.
just cuz i`m runing a laptop now