Sparkle effect

does anyone know how to make the sparkle effect shown on on the image of the model?

you can make a sparkle in photoshop using a filter or by hand then export it as a PNG24 with a transparent bgrd. Then just motion tween it in flash.

I believe that they used many rotating triangles on their site.

Holy crap could things just stop moving on that site!

It looks like just rotaing angular shapes with a circle in the middle.

I think you will come out alot better if you just use one of the filters in PS to make the sparkle the tween it.

that site used the triangles. I like triangles, never seen Photoshop thing.

Ow my eyes

Here is an example of a sparkle thing I did for a website. BE WARNED THIS IS AN ADULT SITE THE SPARKLE EFFECT IS ON THE FRONT PAGE WHICH IS SAFE TO VIEW…there is no need to go inside the site…you have been warned. I think if you make your sparkle in PS it just looks better. I made these in PS.

How did you find that site DDD? (If you don’t mind my asking)

I built it…well the backend, the greet page and some of the other graphics. It was one of those sites where the money was good but I will never use it on my portfolio.

I was just showing it so this dude could see the sparkle effect I was referring to. Its like a netflix but for adults.

lol my post count is 50 50…