Special characters / URL encoding

strange, but maybe someone can explain this:

i’m importing text from an external .txt file into flash, so i can easily update the content without opening the .fla files.
nothing special.

!!! BUT: i don’t want to type %26 etc for special characters in the .txt file.

i tried this two methods:

  1. if i use the “System.useCodePage= true;” method to encode special characters like é and ü in Flash MX it only works in the exported swf document, but not when the swf is embedded in a html file.

  2. if i use the “UTF-8” method combined with the “#include document” (like explained here http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/international_characters.htm ) all special characters are displayed okay, also when the swf is embedded in a html file.

the strange thing here is that when i change the text in the .txt file using method 2, the old text is displayed in the swf. even when i delete the browser cache etc.

anyone with a good solution?