Special fx

i was wondering if anyone could point me to a book or a tutorial that teaches those little fx that you see on many sites like a light outlinning a image and stuff like that, or any other useful things i could impliment into a web page.

Well theres alot of effects that many sites use, maybe you can point out a site in specific ?
also here in kirupa theres alot …

well im talking about more like the opening for 2advanced.com how all the lines are moving and i cant find a site right now that uses the outlining thign but it is like say i have a picture of a guy like a white line would go around the outline of the guy or it will outline the guy then he will apear. stuff like that.

oh and i hafta do this
:kir: vs. :link:
whos gonna kick some bootay?
oh and one last thing…
IM A P.I.M.P!!!

basicly let me put it this way, im looking for fx for a intro per say. like a trend whore intro, know what i man? this site does not seem to have that from what ive seen…iunno…anyone know where i can get help on this?

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Theres some really cool repel effect posts in the forum and also panning images are really cool for intros.
Let me know what you come up with. =)

also If you play around with the special effects listed on this site you’d be suprised what you could come up with by using your imagination =) Play around with motions and lighting effects already listed. When I get home on Tuesday I’ll try and work out the effect you want.