SPECIAL Preloader Actionscript ? Please Help

I have created a Logo preloader in which a door comes up in front of the main screen to cover the existing movie on the page in order to load the new one. Within that door is the logo which is covered with a plain graphic which opens to reveal the logo as the bytes load. I need to know how to make the graphic move up according to the bytes loaded. Once the logo is fully visible the main door goes back down and on the main screen is the new movie.

I have searched all over for the action script to make this work but have had no luck. Now I am turning to the forums.

If anybody knows the actionscript to make the preloader run and load the movie, I could use all the help I can get.

I have included links to the .swf & .fla files. They are in Flash MX 2004

Thank you in advance.




Use setInterval to check the getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal() then just do a bit of math to make the logo move ie

checkLoad = setInterval(revealLogo,100);
function revealLogo(){
logo._y -= (loadingClip.getBytesLoaded()/loadingClip.getBytesTotal())*50; //50 is the total distance it needs to move
//do other stuff here

I modified your file and uploaded it, it now does everything without tweening