Speech to text for mobile browsers

What’s the best way to do speech to text web api ? I tried it on ios safari but it does not work. It only works on chrome desktop which is a bummer.

I also tried it on my computer and having the same problems as you are.

The web have not taken off like we wanted. PWAs should have paved the way to more powerful web apps but it does not seem to be the case anymore. What might be troubling is having a web app always listening to the microphone.

For speech to text, you can use Happy scribe & check sub & these both are paid in this you get 10 min speech to text free, or to do in free you can use Google doc.
Open one document & go to tools & then voice typing or select your language & play your speech & say in the microphone what you said it easily type in your doc. This is the best type for getting speech in text.

Thank you for the suggestion but how do they implement such a thing on mobile phones as mobile web applications?

Yes, Wayne, you can try. this is also available on mobile.

I tried Google doc and it doesn’t sound very well.
But I think it’s because of my mic.
I’m using Samsung A52, so maybe need a better phone.

Hi @lejdiblek - are you saying that what you speak isn’t being transcribed into text properly?

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