Speed of flash

good day all

question:: does anybody know how to make flash play different MC,s at different frame rate i mean i have a main MC that i have set to run at for example 20 FPS and i have created another MC that runs at lets say 40 FPS and i have export it as an individual SWF so when i test the individual SWF it plays according to the frame rate i have set it which is 40 FPS so no problem so far

however when i do import the individual SWF back to the main MC that runs at 20 FPS it too seems to run at 20 FPS instead of 40 FPS that i have set, it is meant to be an individual MC that runs at its own pace but no no once imported back into flash

flash plays everything at the pace of the main MC which let me clerify is meant to run at 20 FPS.

director MX 2004 can play imported individual SWF files that runs at different FPS without problem why cant flash MX 2004 do that too

or maybe i just dono how its done

but hey as always i truly am sorry for the long story but it is better to explain properly so you guys understand the question

all in all thanks to u all