Splash Page


Critique my splash page!


The names a temp. :+), but the colors are atm set in stone. I want to know how it looks, because I’m planning on basing the flash site on it, and I dont want to mess that up. As you can see I’m aiming towards a vector layout, but I’ve had my urges to put textures and design in it, but I think I’ll just do it vector v1.0 and add it’ll be easier to add graphics for v2.0. Oh, BTW its a Portfolio/Blog/About Me/Chill site… yah… The little nodes on the right have a purpose, there will be a sweet mp3 animation on the flash page.

Think I should resize it? I am aiming towards 1024x800, so I only want to resize it if its looking bad this way. I’m assuming theres not enough colors on this splash page right? I’ll probably have more blue text on the flash page, and such.

Incoherent Dae is coming… beware.