Split Screen?

Is there a way to make a split screen 2 player on Flash MX?

of course. anything is possible. You just need to be more specific to get help. :smiley:

Okay then, What I want to make, is two player game that has a seperated screen.
Left side is 1st players part of the screen, and right side is 2nd players part of the screen. Does anyone know how to do this?

how to do it woulde depend completely on what kind of game. If it was say a 3d display that had a camera object that displayde the scene using information stored in arrays (or something like that) there would just be two seperate camera objects that have different positions and therefore display differernt things. If it was say tetris the two sides would share nothing. So it really depends on whast you want.

Its a side scrolling battle game.

well then you’ll probably need to have a mask of somesort to cover up half of each side so they don’t over lap, and then you simply need two copies of everything (ie background, ground, player (1 and 2) etc)

EDIT: All that changes is the copies position realtive to the center of that half of the screen.

Oh, That was what I would have done, but I wasnt sure. Thanks man :bigsmile:

:smiley: always follow your gut… then walk around the buffet.