Sports Update

Couple of things going on right now, I figured I’d leave it open to discussion.

Jason Giambi
Gettting yanked for steriod use. Yankees are trying to void the rest of his big contract because of this. Personally, I think he is a friggin bum. I also think he should be banned from the league, and any other player who uses steriods.

Randy Johnson
He’s not going anywhere. He wants way too much money, which is understandable. At the same time, I don’t trust his knee, so I’m glad the Yankees aren’t paying big bucks for him

Full Article here

How bout them Pacer’s?
Wow, they are still controlling the league. They had some big wins, and are now 10-5 and in 1st place. Go Pacer’s!

Knicks in 1st Place?
Well, they don’t have a great record, but they’re in 1st place!!! I was just about to give up on my Knicks, but they may actually do some work this season.

I don’t watch football so i have no comments on that :slight_smile:

Feel free to add to the list of events, and anything you want to talk about.