Springs: Elasticity, Physics, and Flash MX - PROBLEM!

I read that tutorial and it all phat!
Except one thing:
How the hell do I attach the button to a stroke???
So when I drag it, it remains attached to the stroke and “streches” it…

Without that the whole effect is lost! Please advise!

WTH is a stroke ?
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i think he means the line that the ball would be connected to. in which case all you need to do is use scale.

I think there’s a post somewhere where Sinf gives some good advice.
Btw, you impress me, Jubby. You’re a better flasher by the hour. :smiley:
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yeah i’m finally getting into it more. Its very hard to balance school, flash, and women, cuz I love the last two, but I need to concentrate on the first one…:lol: So i do my schoolwork and then try to balance the remaining time with FLash and my g/f…and thanks pom.


I deleted the post. :evil:
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Yes, I did mean the line that connects to the ball.

Why can’t Kirupa add it in his tutorial? Like I said, without it the whole point is lost!

Well, as a matter of fact, I wrote that tutorial, thank you very much, but it wasn’t supposed to deal with strokes, or lines or whatever you call it. Give me your mail and I’ll send you a stroked version.

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now Pom, if you press his name, it will take you to the Ezboard bio, and that contains…oh! his E-MAIL ADDRESS!!! wow! unbelieveable I know, but true…yes, yes its true…

****ed ! Mine said private, so I never even thought about checking. Ok, Jubby, I let you get away with this for this time, because of all the bad things I’ve said about you for the last few days.

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Where ? What do you mean, where ? EVERYWHERE !!! :evil:

Oh, and Flatline, I wrote a tutorial about that, I’m sending it to Kirupa as I type (almost).

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evil French Poodle!! Should I call you Fifi instead of Pom from now on?

Pom, my E-mail is [email protected]
You could see it by clicking on my name, but I forgive you…

Until Kirupa updates the tutorial, please send it to me ok? Thanks!

And Jubby, pom’s fine. Pom’s just fine. I mean, Fifi ? WTH !!
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It looks weird… I ment that the ball is like placed on the middle of a line, and when the ball is dragged, then entire line is streched with it… I saw this effect somewhere… I’ll post the link when I find it…

Oh… that’s not what I had understood… But it’s not difficult to do when you have this.
Btw, I think that what you’re refering to it a fla by Sinf that I still haven’t understood, something called magnetic branches.
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Beats me. I think the site that uses it is called something like “Flash University” but I don’t remember correctly… Couldn’t find it either…

Could you explain exactly what you want to achieve?
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