SQL File Splitter

Hey, does anyone know of a good .sql file splitter? I need it because my current offline forum database is around 3.5MB, but I can’t upload it that big. Therefore, I’m looking for a program that’ll cut it onto smaller ~500kb chunks that I can upload.


Try opening it up in Notepad. It’ll probably look somewhat concise and informative… if not… You might want to extract the data and copy over segments on your own personal computer…

Basically… Just pray for the Notepad option to work… :slight_smile:

playamarz :player:

tried that…it’s lik…30,000 lines…i want an easier way though…if possible

Hmm… google? lmao


search for wut

SQL file extractor

Something on the lines of that… :slight_smile:


k, whut about uploading a g-ziped file?