SQL help

So I suck at (My)SQL. I’m trying to learn the language beyond just really basic SELECTS, INSERTS, and UPDATES, but being inherently stupid makes that a little rough.

What I want to do is select only the rows that happen to fall into a certain month and year. Each row has a timestamped column, so the information is already there. I just really don’t know how to do this. I figure I could do it by using the timestamp as a string and ripping it apart, but I feel like MySQL has something built in for this sort of thing.

Ultimately I’d like to make it so my PHP code just magically creates a seperate query for each month so I can mess with all that data separately, but I couldn’t even begin to think of how that’s possible. So hints on that would be solid too, but the first thing is more important at the moment.

Oh and I have screwed around a bit in the MySQL documentation and I know the basics of the language, so I’m not completely oblivious to this, just want to get into the intermediate stuff and am thoroughly lost.

Thanks tigers and female tigers. (Tigers are automatically dudes unless otherwise noted)