Sql questions, problem with select *

Hi all :hr:

I am using coldfusion to pass a URL variable in a link:

<a href="docDetail.cfm?Job_Number=<cfoutput>#url.RecordID#</cfoutput>">View documents for this record</a>

I know it is being passed correctly because it shows up in the address bar of the linked page called docDetail.

On the docDetail page is my sql query:

<cfquery name="q_docDetails" datasource="PLOG">
FROM data_admin.PlogDocs
WHERE Job_Number = '#URL.Job_Number#'

The problem is that it is only displaying one record - the last one - for any given job number. I may have several different documents that all have the same job number but only the last one is being displayed. I am simply using cfoutput to display them in a table.

Any ideas? :h:

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: