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With Square Peg Web you have a host of features to make your Business go viral. Some of the product details that are offered with Square Peg Web are unlimited product options/ variants/ properties giving you an option on price modifiers. You get unlimited customized input fields for your products and you can also Customer-define the prices. Square Peg Web provides you an option of using multiple product images with zoom features and one can also list a particular product in several categories.

There are other aspects which make Square Peg Web the best choice for your website needs; every sale of yours’ is important to you and to us. We make sure that each sale is tracked by the product and also the list of bestsellers that appeal to the audience. Other comprehensive statistics of Square Peg Web includes searchable order data, an interface for shipments and order fulfillments, export sales & customer data for usage in a spreadsheet and the ability to export orders to QuickBooks format.

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Square Peg Web offers you a world of experience with the options of choosing from marketing websites to e-commerce and from customized applications to community oriented sites. Some of the projects which appear in the portfolio of Square Peg Web are Online Marketing Web Sites, E-Commerce Web Sites, customized web applications, Blog designing and programming, video sharing and the option of downloading web sites, online advertisements, flash animation, customer and product support web sites, web site re-designing and planning and complete information architecture.