SSI Includes question

Hi… I’m trying to do some serverside includes, and I’m with MediaTemple, but they’re not showing up (I guess they’re not supported, or I’m doing something wrong)
I just want to know if there’s a cgi that I need to do SSI, and if there are any tutorials on it… cause all I’m finding is SSI tuts specific to a certain server…

check the sticky thread at the top of the page. That has some links that have CGI information. Curious tho, why are you using CGI? and not PHP or ASP?

I’m using PHP… now I’m finding out I have to do something to the .htaccess file… I’m just not sure what.

Never used media temple… what is the code you are using for the include?



well, I want to do stuf like <-- #include virtual=“header.htm”–>

Well if you are just trying to include headers and footers, then just have code like




Thats how most of my pages are set up…

ok, I had trouble doing

<!-- #include file = "/header.html" -->
<!-- #include file = "/footer.html" -->

it will only show the first one… I can’t include a second one for some reason… (and I tried switching the position of the lines.) Do you guys know what’s going on?

And if I decide to do it the PHP way… do I HAVE to rename my files to .php? I want to keep them .html…

Actually Neither .html or.php is the “correct” way to use Includes…

.inc (include) is the real include type lol

But it doesn’t really matter… I’d suggets converting to php though man to do it… It’ll be alot less of a hassle…


Jubba was correct with that… And you might have to let the other on fully load up before loading up another include… :-o