Stacking manually authored moveclips above dynamically authored

I’m trying to place a manually authored clip above a set of dynamically generated one, but at the moment the dynamically authored ones are always on top, even if the layer that generates them is below the manually authored layer.

I’m using code based on the random motion tutorial here on so as far as I can tell each of the dynamically generated clips has a depth of 0-99.

    i = 0;
while (i<100) {
    square.duplicateMovieClip("square"+i, i),setMask(myMask);

All I want to do is place a layer above these clips which obscures them and then alpha tweens and I assumed it would be easier to manually place the clip on the stage. Is this possible or do I have to resort to writing in all the clips with actionscript? { Disclaimer: my AS is not hot }

Thanks in advance.