Stag night ... ideas

I’m organising a Stag night for my little brother who’s getting married soon. Most of the day is sorted to be honest, but (in the UK at least) the stag party often have a theme for dressing up. I once went on one where everyone was dressed as a vicar and the groom as a bishop, which was pretty good fun when we finished the night in a club (very drunk, smoking cigars, chatting up women, etc.) and everyone was giving us very strange looks! He’s marrying an Australian and moving to Oz so (to be completely non-PC) another idea might be to all dress up as convicts …

… anyone got any ideas of for any other good themes?? Or have been on a cool stag night themselves and have got some ideas I can steal to make the night go well, LOL!!

And before you say anything, most of the brides male family will be there so NO str!ppers planned!! Doh :wink: