Star wars text old one i know,sorry

I’m working on my first project in college and as you may guess im a full-blown newbie and having the usual difficulties.

So,for my intro i want to do the Star wars opening text crawl, as my project has a slight sci-fi feel to it. upon investigation i found an easy way to do it by copying several instances of textboxes below the stage and tweening them to 0%Alpha and 0 height at the top centre of the stage and then indenting each tween along by ten/15 frames in the time line.

so the idea is to create staggered tweens that look uniform enough to be like the star wars crawl

BUT!!! and pardon my parlance, but it looks crap! i have been trying to do everything else except the actionscript as im just not familiar with it, can anybody help?

Also I wish to make a cool effect on my project, i will film a friend of mine in front of a blue background, and then try to superimpose him onto a background image in my flash project,

can this be done?

any tips or advice?