okay, so i finally got round to starting my own companies web site… here it is:

bare in mind its just a splash page while i make the rest of it.

oh how i wish i could have but im just a poor student, that cant fund something like that :frowning: sniffle so if any of you rich lovely people want to get me, il be very happy…


i wasnt joking…

nice splash page :slight_smile:

hey thanks, im really glad ya like the splash page… :slight_smile: now how about the “you buying me a domain name” idea… is that good…


any more comments

people arent big on comments are they?

well please comment on my new main page:

and be honest… also if theres any bugs please tell me

its suposed to be relaxing, is it?

hi tdf…

i like the layout…and my girlfriend likes the image…

but none of the links seem to work???

u may be working on it as i am trying to view it…


yeah, i havent done them just yet… i wanted to see what ya’ll thought before i go any further… was it easy on you… relaxing?

Just a small comment…something must’ve gone wrong with you telltarget code on one o’ the buttons, because it does not fade out. ( I think it’s the one labelled “YOU”)

That is all.

Nice looking site.