Start, stop

i need help so that on rollOut from a button, it will play frame 15 that has a stop command in it instead of making it stop.

can anyone help?

you could use if statements.

on Frame 15 put

if (nRoll == true){

and on the button put

_root.nRoll = true

didn’t test it but it should work.

thanks, i tried it and had to mess around with it a little but it works good. except if i move the mouse over and off the button too fast, it stops at frame 15 instead of playing through.

Try inserting a new symbol (movie clip), then in this mc insert your button with jubba’s actions. Once done drag the entire movie clip to the timeline & although I’m new to this that should solve your problem. This will allow you button actions to play independant of the main timeline. I hope this makes sense. Jubba, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Good luck.

how would i drag the button into the new movie clip? i am kind of new at flash, and have been teaching myself actionscript by fooling around with it so i’ve probably been getting some things wrong.

i have 3 layers to my button.
thank you for you help

To nest a symbol within another system you simply begin by going “Insert - New Symbol - Movie Clip - & name it”.
This will take you into symbol editing mode, once there you can insert another symbol (mc, graphic, or button).
I hope this makes sense.

yes i got to that step, but can i take my existing layers with the actions, and move them into the new symbol.
or do i have to start over in the new symbol?