Start with HDRI

hi guys :smiley:
i heard about HDRI a lot of times but yesterday i decided to work with it.
i got HDRIShope.exe but i don’t know how to start with it, i mean where can i put it? in 3DMax plugin folders or where?
if someone can put me in the right path it’ll be very nice :smiley:


comon’ use google for god’s sake…

HDRIShop is quite useless unless you want to create your own HDRi maps… and for a proper hi density range image map you’ll need a chrome ball or such to create a seamless series of pic; and a good cam.

Download premade HDRI maps and use them in 3ds is my advice. I don’t own it so I wouldn’t know; but I’m sure there are dozens of tuts available…

i want to till you i don’t have experience with 3D but i’m learning now so i saw a good effects with HDRI, i need to know how can i make something like.

Hum if you don’t have a good experience with 3d then start by doing the basics; building stuff with primitives, learning the basic tools instead of using more advanced lighting techiniques such as HDRI…

so this is my problem man… if i saw something i need to how can i make it, i think it’s wrong way to learn… i’ve to learn the basic (that what i’m doing now) rather than see difficult works. but you know curiosity :smiley:
anyway i want to know how to make it works.

go to they have some tuts and info about hdri it centers around brazil but it si good info. Hdrshop is not useless as it lets you edit hdr images

HDR shop will let you turn raw probes into lat/long HDR pics to use as an environmental map in 3DS max. Splutterfish has the only good tut I’ve seen to set this up properly. If you are using 3DS MAX 5 or below then you will also have to download the plugin (free) that allows max to use *.hdr maps.

thanks for mlk, DDD and ironikart.
so what is your advice for beginner in 3D.
learn what is the tools are? searching for good tutorials on different stufff.
i’m confused, dont’ know if i srart with tools and menus it take a lot
of time and if read tutorials and try to do it without know the ruls you can’t do anything.
so can you tell me what is the right way to learn 3D.

well tuts and the help files are free so I would start there. Then maybe get off into book and training dvds. I learn better audibly so training dvd’s were key for me. What ever works tho.

thanks DDD, i got Fundamentals Courseware. it’s wlaking slowly but it’s very helpful for beginners.