Starting a MovieClip from inside an other MC

Hey There,

Im really looking for some help, and about now I’m blank on any ideas, so I’m posting to see if someone else can shed there light on the problem.

Here’s the deal:

I made some flashy buttons whit use of a MovieClip insted of the Button tool. Now the buttons work fine, but I made the buttons so that if you press and release it shifts a bit to the right indacating your curent page.

Here is the timeline from one of the buttons and on frame 19 I wanted to put the script for making all the other movieclips skip a frame so it resets them all exept itself ofcorse.
All the buttons have the same timeline and if its stopt in neutral it needs to get a play command to go back in neutral and for the single one that is stopped in the Hit frame wil get a play command also to make it go to RollOff what wil go to Neatral.

Point is, on frame 19 inside this movieclip i need a script that says to all the other movieclips (buttons) to play again

I tried to do this with giving all buttons an instance but I cant make it work.

Your help well be very welcome

Greetz Trick