Static Text

I seen the post earlier I think but I cant find it now, but is ther a way to make “static text” look better? It’s just a blur.


You can set it to be dynamic text…

But if the viewer doesn’t have that font installed they won’t be able to see it as dynamic text unless you embed the font outline, which in turn makes your text blurry again.

So if you are using a custom font and it is blurry, thats just the way it will have to be unless you decide to find a clearer font.

Or you could use Verdana, Arial, or some other font that comes on pretty much every system.

well c Im using arial, it looks great in dynamic but static text, just a blur. see Im putting message in a box i created and I like for some of the text[word(s)] to be differ color than the standard text i started off with

And you can’t do that in a dynamic textbox???

well when I high light a certain word and give differ color it does it on work station but when i preview it does not work

Right click on your textbox and choose"Properties"

In there will be a tiny button that has “<>” in it. This is for “Render Text As HTML”, make sure this button is pressed down and it should work.

I think.

indeed it does …:slight_smile: thank you

Woo hoo :slight_smile: