Hi Group,
I am wondering how you would suggest I go about trying to create some rising steam, such as would be coming from a cup of coffee? Any ideas will be appreciated. I’m using Flash MX.

it really depends on the effect you’re going for and the picture of the cup of coffee that you have. different types of steam can be made. you could photograph and animate a loop that way, or take a movie of the steam rising. you could also take one of those methods and trace it by hand creating a tweened animation. or you could draw the standard s curves rising up off of the surface of the liquid to show heat or steam coming off.

it’s really up to you and like i said … it depends on the look you’re going for

hope this helps

Here’s something funny you can try (I didn’t do it, someone called Jo did). Paste this in the 1st frame of your movie:

l = 1; 
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("mc", 0);, 0xEFEFEF, 100);, 50);, 50);, 0xFF9900, 100);, 50); += 155; += 155; = function() { 
   _root.createEmptyMovieClip("mc"+l, l); 
   _root["mc"+l].lineStyle(3, 0xCCCCCC, 100); 
   _root["mc"+l].moveTo(50, 50); 
   _root["mc"+l].lineTo(55, 45); 
   _root["mc"+l]._x += 150; 
   _root["mc"+l]._y += 150; 
   for (i=0; i < l; i++) { 
      _root["mc"+i]._rotation += Math.sin(i); 
      _root["mc"+i]._alpha -= 1; 
      _root["mc"+i]._xscale -= 5; 
      _root["mc"+i]._yscale -= 5; 

pom :asian:

Thanks for your responses. I forgot to mention that I am brand new to flash. I found one example at

and it looked pretty nice , about what I was hoping for. I probably want to use something I can draw in flash and tween. The code from ilyaslamasse turned out to be a smoking cigarette, pretty clever.

Wow! very nice link, scooter! And they even got sources to download. I’m going to look at that closely…

pom :asian:

omgosh … so cool!