Stick GTA - First problem

I’ve just started makin a game based slightly on GTA and using sticks ( try to upgrade to normal people later) and i ran into my first problem. Im tryin to make the game so u can walk around the map and at the same time be able to steal and get into cars which you can drive around. I couldn’t include my map (file size to big) but i have my character and a sample car. I have codes for walking and drivin but they wont work together.I want to make it so that when u press lets say the shift button near a car the charater will play the frames of getting into a car and dissapear. then the car will be able to drive properly. If anyone can help, then, thanks in advance.

Well, I am at work so I cannot look at your code, but what you might try is using the removeMovieClip to get rid of your character if the shift key is pressed within a certain distance of the car. Or just use hit detection to see if the player is touching the car.

Then, if this is true, determine what the instance name of the car is. Have your driving controls inside of a function or something called “carDrive” or whatever. Then pass the car instance name into the function.

So once it checks to see if the player got in, assign the movement keys to that instance name.

Behemoth - dan

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What is synj? Links please.

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can anyone see if they can fix wat i’ve got in that file cuz i can’t get it to work!:upset:

I got “Unexpected File Format” :frowning:

Move with arrows and space to get in and out of the car

that code wont work with my game. it works really well by it self but when i try to add it to my game it wont work with my scrollin code.

My scrollin code is just on the back ground and moves it around so the charachter doesn’t actually move, it just rotates.

all i need the car to do is rotate and when u press shift in a certain area( lets say cercle) then char will dissapear and car will work.

I put that walking and getting into car code, with a sample of my map, scrolling code and my character. You can tell how they dont work well together.

All i need, is the man to be like my char. It needs to rotate and have a walkin patternand not actually move up down side to side. the scrollin code takes care of that. Maybe if you could work another scrollin code in than that would be great. But i like the way it slows down when you stop pressing the arrow keys. That would probably need to go in the scolling code which is on the sample map movieclip.

I guess the car would need to be inside the map so the char could get in to it or else it would just constatly move away from the char.

Also if you could get it so there was no boundries or explain how it would be really easy to change later than that would be good.

To get into the car it would be much better if there was an invisible circle around the car that when you press space the char would get in the car.

Im not sure wat the “door point” is for. if you could explain that, then that would be very helpful.

thank you in advance.