'Sticking' action problems

I have made 2 seperate text images which have different sizes. I am trying to make them ‘stick’ together and do the same action as one individual image… can someone please tell me how to do this… an example of what i tried to do but don’t want is below…

Thanks alot,


Click here to see an example of what I tried to do, but what i don’t want… I can’t seem to make the 2 different images ‘stick’ together, and do the action as one image

Arrange the two things how you like. Next go to Edit and click Select All. Then go to Arrange and click Group. Last add your animation. I hope that helps you. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, your idea didnt work…

It just made the animation go even weirder…

Thanks anyway for the reply



grouping should work as long as you do it before animating and not as an afterthought.