Sticky keys in ninja game

this game i made requires constant num pad key presses and does an attack corresponding to which number u press. Sometimes though, flash seems to retain the keycode of a key. For example, you press num 3 and you get the num 3 attack. then you press num 5 but you get both the num 5 and num 3 attacks. it stays like this even if the page is refreshed or the browser is restarted. has anyone ever experienced this before and/or knows of a workaround?

you can try the game at

the glitch seems to occur randomly, but when it does it pretty much ruins the game.

hey, cool game! it’s not sticking for me!


yeh dude it works fine for me.

maybe its gone for good? knock on wood

It’s not sticking, but make it so you can only do one attack at a time.

i tried something like that. In the keydown function, there was a “delete this.onKeyDown” which would remove the keydown function and in the keyup function, it would reset the keydown function. unfortunately, it didn’t solve the problem and it also removed the advantage that the female character has (being able to attack more than once).