Still having trouble

what i am trying to do i already have a premade form in flash. I need for when someone sends information for it it call upon a php file which i already have and i have the captcha image too. I know how to do it in html its <form action=“whatever.php” method=“post”> but how do i do it in flash this is the code i have on the submit button but i need to know what to add so that i can put the captcha image in there and so it calls to a php file which then send the info to an email address. Can some one help me please.
on (rollOver) {
on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
on (release) {
for (i=1; i<_parent.fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
if (_parent[_parent.fields_descriptions*[1]] != _parent.fields_descriptions*[2]) {
this[_parent.fields_descriptions*[1]] = _parent[_parent.fields_descriptions*[1]]+"&777&"+_parent.fields_descriptions*[2];
_parent.reset_txt(_parent[“t”+i], _parent.fields_descriptions*[1], _parent.fields_descriptions*[2]);
this.recipient = _parent.rec;
getURL(“contact.”+_parent.serv, “_blank”, “POST”);
where it says get url is that where i call the the php file? or what. please help