Still image "movie" flipbook - how would YOU do it?

Hello all,

I’m just curious to see how you guys might do something along the following lines. I’ve got something that mostly works, but fear it’s a bit hack-ish and also processor intensive.

Assume the following:

  • you have a directory of sequantially named JPEGS (file1.jpg, file2.jpg … file50.jpg)
  • assume you have an XML file that can define the sequence name and number of images
  • you need to load these into flash, and provide Movie-like viewing features, including Play, Pause, and a slider bar that dynamically lets the user “scrub” through the image sequence

The key here is that these images “play back” like a movie with no flashing/refreshes/etc between images.

If there is something out there like that I can look at, cool, but I’m mainly looking for structural ideas that I can explore.

thanks kirupa-ites. :smiley: