Still some glitches, but my first fully 3d project

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wow… simulated dynamics are even hard in REAL 3d programs =]

heh unless u get plugins… u must know ALOT of AS

It’s about 20 - 30 lines of code.
The basics I picked up from here and from a tutorial called follow3 from the Flash 5.0 developer’s guide.

The x and y were tough enough, but the tutorial basicaly covered that. I had to figure out the z index for depth, then I had to reize the outside border dynamicaly, based upon the scale of the ball. (z index is in scale, since there is no movement involved.

I’ll be posting this in tutorial format along with a couple of other a/s projects soon. hopefuly Suprabeener wont rip my code apart too much :slight_smile: .

For now, I’ll let people stew trying to figure out how I did it. :slight_smile:

i had no idea you spoke french… wow… wish i could understand that =]

I only speak a little french. Enough that I got by for two weeks in paris ok… but not enough that I could really enjoy living in a french area of the world yet. Of course living there would be just what I needed to really learn the language

Mostly I can find the bathroom and order food… and my accent is pretty good… which is of course half the battle with the french. :wink:

heh. tell me u caught my sarcasm and didnt REALLY think i was talkin bout french… PLEASE… i was kiddin bro… jokin… sayin what u wrote looked like french to me =] ya know… julius caesar… ‘its greek to me’ the play? never mind =] i get too deep sometimes.

you know… I found no references to french which we had spoken of… but my mind being what it is… I often forget stuff like that… just assumed that you and I were talking about that somewhere.

If you had said, it’s all greek to me, I’d have understood right away…

Ah well… me bad.


Hey upuaut8,
The animation is really nice. I have seen 3d objects that bounce up and down, but yours is the first animation that I saw that also factored in depth. Really cool =)


haha… like i said… i go too deep sometimes =]

i dont like greek =[ so its all french to me =]

lol… I know what you mean… greek and latin SUCKED!!!

Thank Kirupa… I’m developing my first tutorial for your site which will explain what I did here and how. :slight_smile: Should have it done monday I believe.

i like it. :slight_smile: im learning japanese. already got Spanish and English down.

just a question, how did you get the movie into the page? what html did you use?

go to this thread

get the coding to post the flash in your signature… paste it in your reply… click the posting option below your reply field, which says “HTML” (I also turn off the “ezcodes” option and the “convert URL Links” option just in case they might interfier.

Hope it helps.

In addition I’ll add this to the thread… this is the basis for my recreation of asteroids using flash, rather than javascript.
so far it’s 8k… sweet…and as my friend R30Buff would say, “tight!!”.

enjoy… upgrades to come.

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