Stop and Resume

How would you go about playing a song, and when the person clicks for it to stop, have it pick up in the same place it stopped?

make it a streaming sound, make the movie containing it long enough to play the whole song. now wherever you play in that movie is where the song will play.

Ok say I have a movie. In this movie it does several things and all, but I have a stop button that’s on every frame. Now if this button where hit, the movie would stop exactly where it’s at. And then it changes to a play button, and when clicked, resumes where it left off. How would I go about making this? :wink:

alright, check out, go to the album page and click on one of the songs.

this is (part of) what i did:

the songs are loaded into their own level (_level30) on demand with a loadMovie() command. they’re a swf that has nothing except the song and enough frames to fit the whole length.

in the player you have a movie containing two frames, each with a button. frame 1 is a stop button which has:

   _level30.stop(); // stop the music
   gotoAndStop(2); // go to the play button

frame 2 has a play button with suitable actions.

enough to get you going?

Welp…That’s exactly wut im talking about. But then again, no it’s not enough to get me going. Im an ameature :wink: Do you have AIM or something? Where I can actually sit down and discuss this with you? instead of via a message board?

sorry, no aim or the like.

i’ve emailed you the player portion of the above example. all you really need to look at is the stop/play button.

it’s all contained in the “meter” movie, you could cut and paste that movie into another fla and it would work just fine … provided you load your song fla’s into level30.

if you want to discuss any of it, repost. i’d be happy to help.


Alrighty ill check it out

I noticed that tha load time for those songs on tha site were small…wut formatt where they in? How’d u compress’em? Did u even make’em?

lol im jus so full of questions :slight_smile:

they’re mp3’s imported into flash and then published at 32kbps high quality stereo, some were published at 48kbps. the largest is about 2 mb and the smallest is 750kb.

since they’re set to stream, they start playing right away too!

i made the original mp3’s with cdex, a great free wav 2 mp3 convertor.