Stop movie reloading on back button?

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This question has probably already been asked but I couldn’t find it in search so I’ll ask again:)

I am not sure if this is even possible but basically what I want to do is stop a flash movie from replaying/loading when someone presses the back button. Say someone is surfing my site and they click on a link, and it takes them off to another page, they do what ever it is they want to do there, then press the back button to go back to my page, but instead of the page just flashing up it goes through all the initial animations for each movie, which I don’t want. If they refresh the page, fair enough, but is it possible with flash to do the same as with an image. Press back and the image pops up instantly?? Is this possible and if so how do I do it?

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Well when you hit the browsers back button it loads the page all over again, which means it has to start from the beginning.

Suggestion: Open your links in a new window…

on (release) {

That will open your site in a new window instead of the main one that holds your flash movie.

Yeah I thought about that, but I don’t really want to open a new window for internal links…

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the other work around is to make your navigation so intuitive that there is no reason for the user to hit the browser’s back button… =) i.e. make your own back button, and make it obvious to everyone…


Hmmmmm wouldn’t that be the same as hitting the back button? Do you mean use the jscript history back thingy? The only thing is, I don’t want to annoy my surfers by taking away their browsers toolbars! I know it annoys me when other people do it:)



Hey rev… that would be the same effect as hitting the back button.

You will just have to reload the html page all over again.

If you replace the window with your flash movie with another html page, you have no choice but to have to start from the beginning when you go back.


Open in new window
Open in pop-up window
Create your site fully in Flash and have your back button just go back to the section.

Ok, so it’s not possible! Thanks guys for helping me save some time!

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Sorry :frowning:

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
Create your site fully in Flash and have your back button just go back to the section.

that is what I meant… thanx for explaining…


Oh ok… :slight_smile: