Stop MP3 from Cache'ing streaming sound using loadsound


I created a streaming mp3 player, the Click here for player

I have used the loadsound command with the streaming option set to true, so it streams sound etc. But the problem is that it cache’s the mp3 file it is streaming onto the user’s internet cache folder.

Is there a way to prevent mp3 files from being cached (have I murdered the English language today using the word cache? :q:) Something like what the Real Player does, it streams the files but never cache’s them. <gasp>


yes u r right gopaldass, u should make a swf with the way you understood and load this file (dynamically) into your main player swf.u can use loadMovieNum or loadMovie…

another trick, although the files are still cached, is to change the file extension to something like .txt flash will still read the files fine but windows will give an error when trying to open the file without changing the extension back. Doesn’t work so well for OS’s that actually check file headers, but it does offer at least one layer of protection.
A while back I tried using this trick, storing the mp3 is a folder different from the folder the movie was in, then using php to generate a random name, after that it would copy the mp3 from the other folder and give it that name, flash would play the file, then when finished call another php script that would create a blank text file with the same random name, then load the file into flash, thus overwriting the cached file. My only problem was some lag in the proccess and if the user left the site before the file finished playing.